Human Sculpt


Scrum #9 Sculpting

Here is my sculpting progress. Working on the legs and soon the upper torso. I only need a few more hours to get it done. It will be done soon.


Here is one of the references of what I am going to make for the next sculpture. It is a Murloc from Warcraft.

VR # 14

I really enjoyed the reading about the VR labs. I like the concept of having developers come into a space and renting it out. It allows developers to play with the technology and have a work environment where they can get help if the software has any issues. I think this could really help the industry in many ways, like getting people together and making something that can really push the VR market. To me this could be something that I could do in the future. I could potentially work in one of these environments if my employer needs a place to work. As for the most important take away, it’s that companies are trying to allow developers to have an easier way to access VR gear. VR is expensive but it has a good turn around if we get developers to have a lower expense.

VR Post #13

I enjoyed reading about another perspective on VR. Someone who has worked in it, but in a different field. It can change the way your perspective on things when you hear another person talk about it. I am interested in seeing this film as I want to experience more of these types of experimentation. Giving people a 360 view of something makes it seem like you are there, and be a part of everything that is going on. Another part of the Article that really sparked an interest is the implantation of sound. Sound is everything. It can make or break a project, play a game without sound and the game play seems different. I watched a GDC talk about sound with and they go into detail about how sound works in VR and how it can be improved for players. From the reading, I must say that learning about what other people have done inspired me. I want to make something and it’s the thing that I have been wanting for a few weeks now.

VR Post #12

What I liked from the reading is that we can see how actual sales for the HTC Vive were.  There was a lot of money that was being through around in such a small amount of time. The question that I have though is how much of that was pure profit and not just sales? Would developers continue to make VR games or go back to make standard games for PC and Console? VR is nice and you have the potential to make a profit, but there are only so many consumers you can sell to. What if developers sold the game on the oculus as well would they make more? There are so many questions for VR and while it is a hot subject to jump on we must look at it long term. Can we continue to make a profit from doing this years down the road. This reading was great to see the sales of how games are doing, and it made me ask questions about where our industry can go. To me the most important take away is that there is a lot of money that people are willing to spend on products that are new. Take advantage.