VR Post #9

The reading this week hasn’t really changed or told me anything I haven’t heard before. Talk about privacy and how VR will change our daily lives. People have been talking about this for a while now and it is becoming stale. I want to see experimental and ambitious projects companies are working on. Show me how they plan to change the world of entertainment, culture, and education. These are the things I want to hear about. When it comes to my projects it won’t really change anything, I don’t have the resources to make large scale projects so I will continue playing around with mechanics in VR. There are so many things to learn about VR still and I want to play around with all types of ideas. The most important take away is that respected people in the industry are talking about what VR could do. But that’s nothing new, but I think we can make something new.

VR Post#8

I enjoyed the reading this week. Especially the info-graphic of the most active investors for VR/AR technology. It made some really interesting and optimistic views about VR/AR. Like how the technology and its field will surpass the the TV market by 2025. In the article the estimated revenue for VR/AR start-ups was 658 million dollars from 2015. Which is a massive amount of revenue at such a short amount of time. So I do not see why by 2025 we will not see a huge increase for the market. As time goes on I think VR will become even more mainstream and easy to individuals to afford it. Which is one of the problems now, as it is expensive and there is not enough content for people to get really excited for. I think it is reasonable that in the short future we will again see an increase of VR/AR commerce. From video games to education, I think it has a real potential to make a difference in our day and age. I think this will affect me in the future as VR will be more mainstream and with an increase there will be more job opportunities. Which will help me push my career further.  

VR Post #7

From the readings, the most interesting article was about music in VR. They talk about how VR will change music from an audience perspective. Starting with music videos they say that music videos are at a decline, because of platforms such as YouTube where people are just using the platform to listen to music instead of videos. With VR integrated they say that it will make the music videos more interactive with the viewer. I can see this as a great opportunity for the music industry, the technology is new and there can be some creative ideas from music videos. CG artists may have more work in the future, which is great because I would like to go through that process in my future. Next, they talk about live music with VR and how people can be at the show from their couch. They say that there was a rocky start in 2016, as there was bandwidth but as 2017 I am sure that it will improve and it will be a new experience for people and an increase in revenue. So, from all the reading this week I say that music is the one that will be the most important for me. I listen to music all the time and I personally would like to view it from another perspective.

VR Post #6

For this Reading I felt it was the most unconvincing of the other chapters. In other chapters there was usually something that tied us to VR and how it will influence us in our future. However, in this chapter I feel that the author “Sky Nite” went a little off the rails. The dates of how technology will change us seems far fetched and out of this world. It seemed more physiological than a logical chapter in my opinion. So I do not really see how this will influence my work because some of technology Nite was talking about seemed out of my boundaries as of what I want to do in my future. It’s always nice to talk about the “Singularity” and I enjoy having my opinions about it, but in this case about VR I really don’t see it. Overall I have enjoyed this reading and I can’t wait to see what we are going to be reading next.  

VR Post #5

What I found interesting from the reading this week was the Lean Startup Method. I have never heard of this method before and enjoyed reading about it. I have learned that when making a prototype you need to test it, but I never knew the term for this process. What I will take away from the reading this week is that I need to act on all five of objective for the Lean Startup Method.

  1. Specify a goal
  2. Specify a metric that represents the goal
  3. Act to achieve the goal
  4. Analyze the metric
  5. Improve and try again.

When I apply, this I should get a better product and this could work in just about every scale of game production. When I am testing an idea for a game, a mechanic, visuals. This will help me in my production pipeline and making the best products that I can make. To me this is the most important take away as I have steps that can guide to me a better product.

Vr Post #4

In Virtual Reality Insider: Guidebook for the VR industry, I liked how Sky went through learning in schools and how it will become a larger part in our future. I agree that games are a great source of learning they teach you about life, and how to overcome problems. These are things that I did not get in my traditional education. Not at least until Junior year in High school where my school started to use the four C’s in education. Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. When I work, I like to think that I am speaking to a player who is really paying attention and learning about the world around them. Which is a skill that is used outside of gaming, figuring out details. That is something that I will take away from this reading, that education is important and the work that I am doing shapes individuals.

VR Post #3

What I enjoyed about the reading this week was that it talked about how to interact with a community. This has always been an issue with me, I am shy and don’t really talk to people. But the reading this week gave me some pointers of how I can talk to people in these communities. Just start off with a simple question and see where it goes from there. Communication is key in this industry and it is something that I personally need to work on. You can learn so much by just talking to people and it may hold your next opportunity to better yourself as a developer. The reading also mentioned to save your projects and always keep them and show them off. Even though they are not perfect you are still showing yourself off and that is a great feeling when others like your work.